How to protect our car against potential theft?

Make sure your car is safe before it’s too late! Choose anti-theft devices that a thief won’t be able to damage or dismantle.


E-JOYLOCK is a smartphone-controlled anti-theft protection that locks the gearbox if the car is started by an unauthorized person



Mechanical anti-theft protection preventing movement of the gear stick. The lock is dedicated to the BMW auto with keyless system.



Innovative security designed for cars with a keyless system - the lock prevents the key from being scanned by unauthorized persons, thus opening and starting the car.


Efficient protection against “suitcase” theft

Two thieves, two suitcases, a scanner and a signal amplifier – that’s all you need for the car with a keyless system to disappear. How to prevent it? There is a solution!
Additional security measures
Gearbox locks and key scanner lock are modern anti-theft devices, thanks to which you make sure that your car is protected in the best way possible.

Make sure your car is safe – efficient anti-theft locks

As far as safety is concerned, there are no compromises! It is a good idea to choose anti-theft locks that will protect the car against unauthorized people, preventing us from stressing out and saving the car owner some money. Our company is at your service – we specialize in production of such devices.

Anti-theft devices for cars with Keyless system
Check out anti-theft devices dedicated to Keyless system cars. Our offer includes:
● Mechanical gearbox lock – JOYLOCK. The lock covers all control parts of the gearbox, making it impossible for the thief to leave in someone else’s car. Even if a thief opens the door, he/she is not going anywhere in it.
● Innovative, smartphone-controlled E-JOYLOCK, which locks operation of the gearbox. Just install a special app, register the lock and pair the car with the app through Bluetooth. This device is dedicated to cars with automatic gearbox.
● Another option is KEYLOCK – innovative car anti-theft device which makes it impossible to scan the key by unauthorized person. A small clip that is mounted on the key battery prevents the thief from opening or starting our vehicle.
JK Limited anti-theft device
Efficient car anti-theft protection, and above all, protection against “suitcase-type” theft, no changes in car design and operation of keyless system and trouble-free installation are the main reasons for choosing our offer.
Investing in a high-quality anti-theft device is a guarantee of safety for you and your family as you can be sure that your car will not mysteriously disappear.

Protect your car today!

In case of any questions, feel free to contact us – we provide detailed information, answer any questions and give useful hints.