Phone-controlled car anti-theft device

Choose revolutionary solutions in the field of car anti-theft devices. E JOYLOC is the anti-theft device for latest models of cars with automatic gearbox. E JOYLOC is efficient protection of your car against potential theft. Operation of the lock is based on locking the gearbox with the use of a smartphone-controlled anti-theft device. Even if the car is started by an unauthorized person, it is impossible to change the gear, and to drive the car without pairing it with your phone. The lock was designed and made by anti-theft device professionals. It is a one-of-the-kind solution on the market!

Full phone-controlled car security

You don’t need a key or a pendant to operate your gearbox lock. All you need is your phone. Pretty comfortable, isn’t it? With the use of your phone and E-JOYLOCK app you control protection of your car.


For proper operation of the anti-theft device, you need to install the E-JOYLOCK app. Then, register the lock with the use of the app and the PIN code. Finally, pair the car with the app by Bluetooth.

E-JOYLOCK app is available for iOS and Android.

Other authorized people can use the car with E-JOYLOCK. The car owner has to allow the app that is installed on another phone to unlock the gearbox with the use of a special code. If you want to deny access to the lock, just remove the unwanted device.

The gearbox is locked automatically when ignition is started.

How to unlock and lock the gearbox with E-JOYLOCK?

1. The device unlocks automatically when the ignition is started.
2. Start the engine.
3. Put in gear and drive!

*Additionally, there is a possibility to do an emergency unlock in case you lose your phone.

With E-JOYLOCK you make sure that your car is safe!

Why choose E-JOYLOCK anti-theft device?

– no switches, buttons, keys, etc.
– discrete solution that does not affect the appearance of your car
– car anti-theft management through an app
– innovative solutions
– lock that is designed and made by experts
– anti-theft protection even in case the car is started by an unauthorized person
– one-off cost
– the one-of-a-kind solution on the market


Bet on a revolutionary security solution. E-JOYLOCK is security anti-theft designed for the latest models of cars with automatic transmission.

E-JOYLOCK is an effective car protection against theft. The blocking action is blocking gearbox using smartphone-controlled security.
Even after unauthorized starting the car, it is not possible to change gears and drive away without pairing the car with Your phone.
The lock has been designed and made by security professionals theft.

This is the only such security on the market!

The E-JOYLOCK includes:

– packaging
– instruction manual
– activation card
– stickers
– device
– sheer locking screws / locking element


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