Non-invasive car anti-theft device that does not require any modifications of the key!

Key lock is an innovative anti-theft device for cars with keyless opening system. The lock makes it impossible to scan the key, and the “suitcase-method” theft.

How does KEYLOCK works?

Keyless lock is provided with a microprocessor and a motion sensor, which switches on and off the power between the battery and the key. The power is switched on only when the key is used by the car owner. It should be noted that the without power, the remote control will not respond to the signal, so it will not send the code that is necessary to open the car and start the engine. All this increases the car safety and protects it from thieves.

Switching the key on and off. The device operates in two modes:

THE FIRST MODE is activation upon double tapping on the key in the bag or in the pocket.
– when approaching the car, stop for 1-2 seconds.
– Then, double tap on the key that is in your bag or pocket.
– Pauses between the first and the second tap should not be longer than approx. 1 second.
– The key should be in the pocket or in the compartment of a bag with hard objects, e.g. coins

THE SECOND OPTION is automatic activation of the key when the key is in motion.

Key deactivation

The motion sensor in the lock is able to detect when the owner leaves the car. The device counts steps and after about 25-35 steps it automatically cuts off the power, making it impossible for unauthorized people to open and start the car.

Mounting the KEYLOCK

Mounting the keylock is very simple and takes a couple of minutes, and most drivers can do it by themselves.

1. First step is opening the key shell.
2. Then, take the battery out of the key
3. Put on a special clip on the key
4. Put the battery with a clip into the key an close the shell.

Increase the car security – advantages of KEYLOCK

The main advantage of the device is active surrounding monitoring system – the lock automatically secures the key when the owner walks away from the car, so you don’t need to remember to activate the system.
It should be noted, that the device is 100% non-invasive and there is no need to manipulate the key or car electronics.

The lock is extremely efficient and provides excellent car security, without interrupting the functionality of keyless system.

Make sure your car is safe today! Keylock is an innovative lock that prevents the “suitcase-method” theft.

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