JOYLOCK BMW – gearbox lock for BMW


JOYLOCK BMW is a mechanical gearstick lock (joystick) dedicated to BMW cars. The lock covers all control parts of the stick, which makes it impossible for unauthorized people to drive the car.

Efficient protection of BMW cars with keyless system

The anti-theft lock in question is especially recommended for BMW cars with keyless opening system. This type of cars are often a target for thieves – by “suitcase theft” method, it takes them a couple of minutes to leave in someone else’s car.
joylock bmw

Car theft – the suitcase method

What is the suitcase method? Here’s how it works

It involves two people with suitcases. The first suitcase contains a signal scanner, and the other one – signal amplifier. The entire process is very quick.

The first thief pulls the car door handle. The second one stands as close to the place where the key might be as possible, e.g. near the house door.

After pulling the handle, the car sends a signal to the lock. The code is intercepted by both suitcases, and in the end, it reached the key. The key responds to the code, a signal is intercepted by both suitcases, and eventually the car door open. This trick works identically when the car is started.

Even if the thief manages to start the car, when it is impossible to move the gearstick, he/she won’t be able to move it.

Advantages of JOYLOCK BMW

The lock is ergonomic, esthetic and very efficient and clearly presents protection of the car against unauthorized use.

What are other advantages here?
– The lock is made of high-quality materials, which guarantees high durability and efficiency.
– Another important advantage is high resistance to forcing. Opening the lock is possible only with the use of a proper key – the thief will not be able to do it with any tools. It should be noted that the car owner can mount and dismantle the lock within a few seconds – JOYLOCK BMW does not reduce the comfort of using the car in any way.
– The device is provided with a lock by DORMAKABA – it is a lock with the highest class of resistance, as certified by TUV SUD Landesgesellschaft Osterreich GmbH.

All this guarantees high quality and many years of trouble-free operation.

How to mount the lock? Here’s how it works

1. The lock must be mounted on the gearstick, with the lock part facing its front part.
2. After mounting the device, the top part must be closed with the use of a lock.
3. To lock the device, use the key. The lock is adjusted to the shape of the gearstick.
4. To open the device, use the key.
5. After opening the device, half-open both parts of the lock and remove it from the gearstick.


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